Welcome to DogCattle.com!

One of my internal (re: only in my mind) plans for this year was to start blogging about technology again.

I used to be the technology and music writer for a website called GeekSmash back in the day (I think it’s an online personal image consulting company now), and loved doing it. I’ve tried several times to start a blog about technology, where I basically just give my thoughts as a person who has studied it for over twenty years, to no avail.

Really, it was just because I didn’t think I could find anything relatable that isn’t already being said.

I still think that, but if you want to learn to swim, you gotta jump in the water.

Which brings us to…


I wanted to think of a clever name for the site (one that you can remember), and also relate it to my former employer, Apple (I worked for Apple Retail as a Genius for a little over five years).

All the good names were taken. I was going to go with Apple410.com (after the really obscure Apple 410 Color Plotter) or NewtonianTechnology.com (self-explanatory). However during my research, I came across the plural of DogCow (Clarus), DogCattle, and the rest is history.

The domain was available, so I quickly bought it, in case someone else was thinking of taking it in the exact second I was thinking about it, and linked it to my [Blot.IM] account, and Bob’s your uncle.

So, in the upcoming weeks, I’ll be writing on everything from the daily use of all my iOS devices in a Windows environment, my Tesla Model S (and upcoming Model 3), plus anything else that I see fit in the tech realm.

Hope you’ll continue to join me on this adventure. It should be…well, interesting.